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do you lie to your doctor?

nope ....but docs have lied to me ....:(

what are some of your nicknames and how did you get them?

1.Pin Head ( I have a small head)
2.Pole (my maiden name was poland and I was skinny like jo3)

what do you like least about sqeez?

again ....WHITE FONT is hard on some folk's eyeballs ...hehehe

if you were an animal, what would you be?

mocha for a day ....just to see what ur up to ...hehehe

how do you make your favorite drink?

go to the border station (va/nc line) and in the back cooler they have some awesome soda made by "Boylans" grab an orginal birch beer and it is heaven.

is this where you thought you'd be ten years ago?

NO way! Nine years ago I met this crazy norwegian and my life was turned upside down ....inside out ...and here I am .....;P

where are you today and how did you get there?

Currituck, NC ....got here in a "U-haul"!

what did you want to be when you grew up?

an airline stewardess till they came to my house to interview me and I realized I would be waiting tables ....very high up ....;p

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you can vote on other potential questions here @ http://sqeez.org/question/potential.

swell, 3926 days ago   

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re: adding your own questions.

from the dashboard menu (http://sqeez.org/dash), click on 'question' under the 'add' group heading. this takes you here http://sqeez.org/question/new, where you can type in any question you please.

please note that you can't currently edit or delete questions you submit.

once you submit a question, other users can give points to it if they like it. then, once a week, jayoh chooses a (timely and/or high-rated) question from the pool of potentials to go live, which allows users to answer it.

swell, 3926 days ago   

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i want to live next to the ocean, jerk!

jayOh, 4036 days ago   

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